Don’t Let Your Car Glow Fade Away

Is your car getting old quickly? Is your car’s body paint fading away? Are you fed up of scratches, dents and de-coloring of a car’s paint? If the answer to all the above questions is yes, then you need to go through this article carefully which provides you tips and prevention techniques to maintain the glow of your car, not for life but surely for years. There are several waxes and polishes available in the market which can help you overcome with all the problems of rust, scratches or external damages. But, being a customer, you need to have complete knowledge of the product before applying to your vehicle because every manufacturer claims its product to be the best, so you got to know all the brands available and what is the best option for you. Check out the review of products online before purchasing.

According to experts, applying wax or polish to a new car can damage the original shine and glow of the car. Then, what can be done to maintain the original shine? Following are some of the tips for maintaining the original paint and shine.

Use a good and recommended wax

Different paints have different chemical combinations which might react with a low quality wax. So, using a good quality wax is very important to maintain the glow of your car. You need to explore the market for the best suitable product for your car.

Clean regularly

Cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis is the best you can do to maintain its shiny look. Wash it with a recommended shampoo daily or on alternate days. It is recommended to have a commercial wash at authorized car wash station once in two months. The commercial wash gives a new and refreshed feel and also removes the dust and dirt deposits that assemble on the surface of the roadster, over time.


Apply good quality clay after a thorough wash with a soft cloth or a padded applicator to avoid scratches or any kind of damage to your car. It generates an extremely smooth surface which is perfect for polish session.

Rust proof coating

You need to have a rust proof coating in order to get a longer exterior life for your four-wheeler. In humid conditions, rusting is a common problem that can severely damage the exterior of your car, making rust proofing a compulsory thing.

Fix Scratches

Getting little scratches is quite common when you drive in traffic filled roads, but taking care of your vehicle post scratches becomes important. Little scratches can be fixed by a rubbing compound or a little paint touch up. Fix the little scratches early to prevent further damage to the exterior.

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