Why Drivers Prefer Better Headlights

Imagine one day or night, you’re driving on the road. You see different cars with bright or different colored headlights. It makes you question, should I get one of those? Are those even legal? Why do many drivers have different kinds of headlights?

Reality sinks in, and you think: why is there a sudden interest in headlights? Headlight conversion kits are sold everywhere, and you wonder what could be special about them. Many drivers nowadays purchase new headlights due to many reasons. How are they different, then, from any car part?

Simple, they’re one of the most customizable parts in the car. Sure, you can put decals on your exterior or install hydraulics on your car. Headlights are an essential part of the car, and can easily be modified.

There are many that have switched to better, newer, and higher quality headlights. It does show on the road. However, what makes headlights sell? Why are still so many people buying them?

Aside from headlights being customizable, it is affordable. According to some drivers, most car factory headlights are expensive. Thus, they opt to buy the next best thing-headlight conversion kits. Most kits would contain two bulbs, installation manuals, warranty cards (if necessary), ballasts (only for HIDs), and wiring harnesses (also only for HID). Those are available anywhere on the market.

E-commerce stores and online stores carry headlight kits. Automotive stores and shops also have headlight kits available. Prices range from $125 to $ 250.

With headlight kits, two lighting systems are the most preferred. There are High Intensity Discharge (HID) and Light Emitting Diodes (LED). As compared to halogen, they are more efficient and brighter in use.

In addition to buying those budget-friendly headlight kits, they are easy to install too. Most xenon or LED headlight kits are equipped with a Plug-N-Play system, which is for the convenience of the users.

Considering that headlights are customizable, you are able to choose a color temperature. Color temperatures range from 3,000 K to 10,000 K (yellow having the lowest color temperature, white in the middle, with blue having the highest).

For LED headlight conversion kits, their bulbs are smaller than compared to HIDs. In turn, it is more versatile and allows for more customization in design. This is one factor as to why many choose LED.

Lastly, the brightness of conversion kits are unparalleled that of stock or halogens. Most manufacturers pride on the light output of their headlights, and it does help in bettering one’s visibility on the road.

Generally, those are the reasons drivers buy newer and better headlights. It’s not about bending road rules and regulations, mainly it is due to convenience. Many are truly satisfied with converted headlights.

However, we advise that you be informed of the legalities of using headlight conversion kits. Be cautious in installing those with high lumens (light outputs) as it may cause glare or would temporarily blind other drivers.

Before buying a headlight kit, do prior research also, as there are some conversion kits made of low quality or ineffective after a few uses.

In addition, know which bulbs that are fitted to your vehicle. You may be buying one that is not exactly made for your car. To know, you can find out via our website or through an auto store.

Do not hesitate in buying one headlight kit, if you want to try it out. Most are made of high quality materials and have advanced technology installed on them. They are also safe to use, if you also follow instructions carefully too. Up to you, which headlight lighting system you would like on your car.

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