Driving Apps That Will Enhance The Road Experience

While it isn’t encouraged to use your phone while driving (It will land you a £100 fine, or even worse, get caught in an accident), technology has grown to make driving that little bit easier. Tomtoms and satnavs are all the range now to provide a driven GPS service that can get you from one place, to another. Did you know that your smartphone also stocks useful apps that can make driving a little easier? Here are a selection of smartphone apps that are handy to have on your smartphone:

Torque, Free on Android

This handy app allows you to keep track of how your vehicle is performing and provides engine status data. It scans and detects engine check light codes and can clear them when a problem is solved. The app can retrieve the data through blue tooth, so it can act as an on hand car dashboard (it is highly advised you set up the phone on your dashboard), it uses the ELM327 OBD II Bluetooth adapter to connect to your cars ECU. It can also use the GPS to provide tracker logs so you can see what you were doing at any point in time, handy for if there is a fault with the car.

Green Flag, Free on IOS

Green Flag is a free rescue app that can help you notify a rescue service and pinpoint your location in the event of a breakdown, a feature of the app is that it comes with a button that allows to you contact Green Flag directly. The app can also cater to your MOT needs by allowing you to set up a reminder for MOTs and road tax. To help you out on the road, the app can provide helpful hints and tips for the road.

AA Echo Drive, free on IOS and Android

Concerned about the environment? Want to know how much your car produces when you drive? This app can offer really handy tips to help you reduce fuel costs and maximise the lifespan of your vehicle. Just launch the app, select your vehicle and place the phone on your dashboard. Once you start driving, the app will give you rating on how economically you drive. It compares your car with an exact virtual model and once the journey is completed, you are given a rating which can be saved to compare with future journeys.

TyreSafe, free on iPhone

If you are unsure about the recommended tyre pressure for your care, this app can give you the information you need. Just input your registration and it will confirm the type, tyre size and the pressure setting needed for your car. It was released by TyreSafe, the leading organisation in tyre safety as a part of October’s tyre safety month. This app can be extremely handy, especially when you are using a valeting service, as the car owner, you can provide information on your car given to you from the app.

These apps are designed to make driving easier for you. It is advised that you set up your phone on the dashboard in the instance of using apps like Torque. For an in-depth servicing of your car, you should take it to a professional service that will who can ensure that your car is looking and driving great on the road. There are many other apps on the market that can help with any care related subject, from insurance to GPS. So why don’t you give your car a makeover to go along with these technologically benefitting apps.

Harry Price

Harry Price is a free-lance writer who specializes in guest blogging. He plays competitive poker with his mates on the weekends and volunteers with local charities.