Driving Mistakes You Never See

Fortunately, we are all great drivers and never cause any driving problems or accidents – it’s always someone else. If that were really the case, then there wouldn’t be any dents or minor scraps to your vehicle. Here’s a short list of the mistakes none of us ever make.


It’s easy for your mind to drift for a few seconds when you are delivering your fourth back loads of the week. You might just be assessing whether you can take on some extra work next month, or you may be thinking about the wife’s birthday present. Mobile phones are usually blamed for most distractions, but just changing radio channels or the CD can be sufficient for the road circumstances to change in that split second. While we all agree (don’t we?) that texting while driving is unsafe, hands free talking is still a distraction if the conversation isn’t going the way you want it to.

Wrong focus

If you focus on the long distance when concentrating on picking up back loads – your turn off or exit number – you might miss the problems right in front of you. This may lead to late changes and swerving to steer clear of immediate danger. GPS can be a great advantage in helping you keep your eyes on the right part of the road while listening to directions.

Low tyre pressure

While much of your attention may be on getting your back loads delivered, did you check your tyre pressures today? Many vehicles have an indicator that tells you when your tyre pressure has fallen too low – but this probably means it has already passed the point when you should have checked your pressures and corrected them! Stay attentive.

How you park, matters.

When you park your vehicle, you may be affecting other drivers. Consider where they are and how your movements will impact their driving manoeuvres. If your driving skills include hitting or mounting the curb, you may be causing your tyres long term damage.

Wet roads worry drivers.

While you [and most other drivers] are aware that extra stopping distance is required when the roads are wet, you still have to allow for the foolish drivers who try to slip into the extra space you have provided. It is still better to back off a little to the correct distance for the weather and get to the end of your journey a minute late.

Don’t hit the brakes or the accelerator so hard.

Driving smoothly will help you get more miles per gallon, wear your tyres less, cause you a lesser amount of stress and give you a more pleasant journey. Some drivers prefer to think about getting as many back loads as they can, and attack the accelerator as though it needs to be floored for 100% of each journey. The roads do not provide a race track for the movement of goods and services; they provide a sensible means for those goods and services to reach their destination with as little wear and tear on the drivers and their vehicles, as possible.

Think about turning.

If your drive and think about changing lanes or leaving by an exit early enough, your actions will be smooth and seen by other drivers so they can act accordingly. If you are one of those drivers who reacts quite late and needs to switch lanes almost without warning, others drivers must take action to avoid you and a collision.

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