Driving Rules of Utility Service Vehicle You Must Know

Drivers of utility service vehicles require proper training in order to ensure safety. There are certain rules that must be adhered to if you do not want any problem with the vehicle which is useful for major company and personal services.


A utility service vehicle and its driver must be properly insured before leaving the premises of the company. A copy of the valid insurance card as well as the company registration must be kept in the automobile in case of any accident or traffic violation. A log of all the drivers should be kept by the company indicating the vehicle assigned to each of them and their scheduled stops for the day. The automobiles must be returned to the premises of the company at the end of each working day and logged in, except if the supervisor directs otherwise.


Some utility vehicles (UTV) require the driver to possess extra driving license or certification in order to operate it legally. This license or certification can be obtained from the Local Department of Motor Vehicles and the size of the automobile will determine its necessity which can be in addition to the regular Class C license of the driver. Larger automobiles require the possession of CDL license by the driver which will allow him to drive automobiles bigger than a single-axle model. A copy of the driver’s license should be kept on file by the company in case of any accident that may involve the vehicle.

Checking the Equipment

Before making use of a utility service vehicle, the driver should carry out a thorough inspection in order to confirm its safety. It is important to ensure that all equipment is stowed and secured appropriately while heavy equipment should be stowed at the rear of the automobile. Large devices like poles, ladders and so on should be tied down properly so that they do not come loose and fly off when the vehicle is moving. Equipment should not be allowed to roll around at the back of the vehicle so that it will not lead to injury for you, other motorists or even the equipment.

It is important to keep your utility service vehicle in good shape and observe the required driving rules so that your safety and those of others will be enhanced. Whether your UTV is used for business or private purpose, you cannot afford to disobey these rules if you really want to be on a safer side.

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