E Type Jaguars For Sale

When it comes to used Jaguars for sale, the E type Jaguars are perhaps one of the most sought after. Considering the facts that the E type has been hailed as the number one sports car in Top Sports Cars of the 1960s which is a list published in the Sports Car International magazine in the year 2004 and also being placed on top of the 100 Most Beautiful Cars of all time list by the Daily Telegraph in the year 2008, it is not surprising why this model is still found in huge demand.

Enzo Ferrari once said that the E type Jaguars are the most beautiful cars that have ever been made and if you were born before the 1960s or even in the 1970s then you would have very fond memories of brand new ones gracing the roads. Having halted its last series of production in the year 1974, buying one used is the only way to buy one in present times. With a timeless design and performance that is still dear for many sports car lovers, get your hands on this special classic today to get a taste.

Before you check out used models have been used for a long time such as the E type there are a few things that you must know. For instance, there are predominantly three series of E type Jaguars. Whether you would get all the series of this car for sale is another question however, starting with the two concept versions named E1A and E2A, the three production versions of this model are Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3. There were two limited editions of this model that rolled out in the years 1962 and 1963 respectively, the Low Drag Coupe and the Lightweight E Type. The E type would come either in Fixed Head Coupe and Convertible or open two seater variants.

While browsing online for Jaguars that have been used by one or more parties would call for every conventional scrutinizing that are adhered to while buying used cars yet what is crucially significant to check out is the amount of money one may have to spend on restoration or modification. Since E type Jaguars are almost a rare variety that is not in production, the additional costs must be considered at the time of buying.

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