Effective Ways To Promote Your Automotive Company

In the course of running this blog I have come across a number of different ways that companies in the automobile niche have gone about advertising and promoting themselves, some of them have been absolute rubbish and some of them have been nothing short of genius.

Many of them have taken to mighty YouTube (and other video sites) to create video clips to help explain all the procedures their company can offer you, and although this is a good idea there are many others doing the same thing now so it can get a little bit crowded in that niche.

One of the more successful ways I have seen for a number of years is having t-shirts produced, I am a big fan of this kind of advertising because people will use it more than once, just like pens and key rings. And contrary to popular belief it doesn’t cost that much to have them printed up either.

One company that you might be interested in checking out for t-shirt printing is a company called TShirtStudio, I like to mention this company to people because I like the fact that not only do they offer different styles of t-shirts, but they also offer other products like cups and mugs and even cushions.

How do you promote your blog?

Dean Saliba

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