How Emergency Dispatchers Are Improving Their Business

Professional answering services have grown exponentially, offering multitudinous services to a wide variety of industries. Virtual business services such as virtual offices, meeting rooms and answering services have been transformed from a novelty only a few years ago to a viable and preferred option today. Business owners have found that outsourcing their call centers not only helps them streamline their work processes, but it also helps them manage the bottom line. Even when it comes to an emergency dispatch system, answering services can help provide the continuity and professionalism necessary to engage callers, allowing emergency personnel to become engaged in other areas in which they are needed.

Customer Engagement & Accessibility

No matter what a company or organization does, having connectivity and 100 percent accessibility is paramount to developing trust with the people who use your service. Although emergency dispatch may seem to flow on a different plane from an external perspective, the truth is that the internal concept is the same. People must have the confidence that when they contact an emergency dispatch center they will be able to reach a live competent professional who will treat them professionally and address their emergency in a timely manner. If people lose confidence in the emergency call system it will create a situation in which more people are attempting to engage emergency issues on their own, creating greater health risks.

Using professional virtual operators ensures that callers will reach qualified personnel with specific training in their industry, meaning that they are competent enough to engage any caller in any situation. You will also have the confidence that the communication infrastructure being used to field the calls is state-of-the-art and that it has a backup protocol in place to ensure the call system has a 100 percent uptime.

Process Efficiency

Professional emergency dispatch call centers — such as Concorde Communications — provide much more than a simple service in which an operator fields your incoming calls. When you contact a professional answering service, they will have a process and protocol expert sit down with you to determine how your current process works, so that they can accurately assess how their answering service can best streamline and improve the overall process.

In the case of emergency dispatch, a virtual receptionist service will evaluate current protocol to determine if the way calls are filtered and dispersed is effective or if there may be a better way to use their system in order to optimize the call filtering process.

Trained Agents

The agents that will be fielding these emergency calls are trained in providing immediate and effective responses to emergency situations, not only fielding the initial call, but also conducting the proper follow through in order to ensure that the situation has been completely resolved.

Using an answering service places you in a situation in which you do not have to hire personnel for the sake of answering emergency calls, allowing you to reduce staffing costs. It also allows you to streamline the process by having a third party service handling much of the documentation and reports that would normally be handled in-house.

Choosing the right professional emergency answering service will provide the service that is necessary to give you the confidence that every call will be handled with care.

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