Enhance Your Scion FR-S With JDM Style Fog Light Kit!

It is mandatory in most of the cities to install rear fog lamps in their cars. These lamps help in increasing the visibility of the car during a foggy day. Travelling on a foggy day can be quite dangerous if your car is not well equipped with fog lights. Hence, it becomes necessary to install these lights, especially when your vehicle does not have inbuilt fog illuminations. Among the various vehicles, the Scion FR-S is the car that does not have ingrained fog illuminations.

So, if you are a proud owner of a Scion FR-S then here is another event to rejoice as you can now improve the looks of your car by installing the JDM style fog light kit. The kit is compatible with the 2013 and up models of Scion FR-S that is otherwise known as Toyota FT86 or GT86.

It includes two fog lamps of H11 halogen bulbs, two OEM spec bezels with fog lamps, one wiring harness with relay, and an inbuilt ON/ OFF switch with LED indicator illuminations. Moreover, it is one of the most authenticated JDM 86 style Scion FR-S fog illumination kits that can fit perfectly with all US model Scion FR-S cars that are not available with factory equipped fog lamps. The kit is enabled with a complete set of both sides of fog lights; the left and the right side. It can be directly replaced and there is no requirement of any sort of modification. Its switch is hassle free to operate and undergoes a convenient installation.

Installation of the kit is hassle free and a layman with no prior expertise can easily install it within a few minutes. Moreover, the step-by-step installation manual that is included with the kit can come handy. With the assistance of 10mm wrench, Phillips screw driver, testing lights, a flat headed screw driver, and a trim removal tool made up of plastic one can begin with the installation process. Furthermore, you might need drill guns too. The dismantling is commenced by properly following the step by step procedure. You can even apply little extra pressure to eliminate the tabs from the bezel, thus separating them from the front bumpers.

The fog lights can solve the purpose of illuminating the vicinity area even in foggy and hazy conditions. It is an important add-on for the Scion FR-S and can improve the look of your vehicle significantly. So, make your vehicle safe as well as stylish by installing fog lamps.

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