Enhance The Look Of Your Car With Daytime Running Lights!

Daytime Running Lights or DRLs are bright and forward facing lights, which are switched on automatically as the engine of the vehicle is started. With their successful incorporation into the design for cars, they are being looked as an effective road safety measure.

Moreover, as compared to the conventional dipped beam lights, these DRLs are highly energy efficient. Usually, these illuminations are placed beneath or alongside the headlamps of the car, and their aim is to enhance the safety level of the car and other road users. These lights do not work independently, but in accordance with the engine’s ignition. They get started automatically with the car’s ignition and are switched off only when the car’s engine is switched off.

With time, the technology of the daytime running lights has also evolved and highly efficient LED illuminations have now entered this domain too. These days, LED based DRLs are used extensively as they require only 5 to 10 watts of power. This reduces the strain level on the alternator of the car and also reduces the car’s fuel consumption. Moreover, LED based DRLs are more durable and last longer than their conventional counterparts. The glow produced by these bulbs is highly directional, thereby boosting their visibility level tremendously.

Apart from improving the safety level of your car, Daytime Running Lights have much more to offer. These illuminations can tremendously improve the looks of your car and spice up your old boring car. There are different companies which offer specialized DRLs for specific car models with easy to install facilities.

Recently, a new pair of LED based DRLs was launched for 2013 and beyond models of the Scion FR-S (or Japan Toyota FT-86). These LED based DRLs emit high intensity xenon white/blue light. These 68-SMD 9005 bulbs have been specifically designed for Scion FR-S and aim at imparting a rich HID matching appeal to the car.

With these bulbs, you can actually get rid of that dull yellowish daytime light. The LED based illuminations come with a simple plug and play facility, enabling easy installation without having to worry about the wiring difficulties. Moreover, the lifespan of these bulbs is awesome as it stands high at about 20,000 working hours.

With road safety taking a toll on everyone, time isn’t far when the use of DRLs would be made compulsory by law. Hence, with the advent of such high intensity LED DRLs, this is the best time to consider getting one for your own car!

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