Ensure Safety of Your Passengers Through a Proper Vetting Process of Drivers

Having a strong market position and proper organizational structure, taxi companies assign the task of vetting drivers to the fleet managers where, they have to consider every single aspect to analyze the competence and self-reliance of the respective taxi driver. Since, the drivers are responsible for carrying customers from one place to the other, it is necessary for the taxi company to be sure about their professionalism and driving skills as their customers’ safety is in the drivers’ hands and if they do something wrong or do not have the satisfactory level of skills, the passengers’ life would be at stake.

So, in order to be the reliable and trusted taxi company in the city, they have to make sure that the vetting process for drivers is effective and authorities, involved in it, have enough knowledge to come up with the best pool of prospective drivers.

Vetting Process

Vetting process for drivers has been considered as an important part of the fleet risk management because the process ensures the professionalism and experience of the drivers that ultimately allow the taxi companies to carry their customers safely to their destinations. Every person, who wants to be a driver in a reputable taxi company, should undergo a comprehensive driver screening process that will decide whether the person is eligible for driving or not. The process usually involves the following factors:

  • Checking the original driving license and keeping its copy for future reference
  • Calling the DVLA in case, there is any doubt on the license
  • Asking for the convictions and endorsements
  • Asking previous employers for performance and reason to leave
  • Checking the criminal record
  • Extent of knowledge about the vehicles, their maintenance, repair and identification of faults
  • Driving risk assessment
  • Medical checkup to make sure appropriate medical condition
  • Understanding of fatigue policy and mobile phone policy, etc


Once the person clears this stage, the taxi company has to move forward and perform a competence-based risk assessment in order to make sure that the taxi company is going to have an experienced driver who will safely drive the passengers to their destination. The people involved in the vetting process should be competent and are capable of assessing someone who will be the part of their organization in the future. Ideally, the fleet manager along with a qualified driving examiner or a supervisor can make a good assessment team as they will complement one another and suggest about how to proceed with the vetting process.

A worth mentioning fact is that driving assessment of all candidates should be done based on a fixed criteria in order to make sure due-diligence in terms of Health and Safety of the driver. Another important thing in the vetting process is using a written form for the driving risk assessment that shows consistency during the entire process.

So, every taxi company has to make sure that they are having the best fleet of vehicles along with an experienced pool of drivers, thus keeping the passengers safe throughout their journey.

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