Essential Items for Pimping Out Your Ride

Cars look fantastic, or at least some of them do. While many of us would dream of owning a Lotus Elise or perhaps a Lamborghini Diablo, we just cannot afford them so we have to settle for more basic vehicles instead. No matter what car you end up with however, there is no reason why you can’t customise it as you see fit and even an otherwise normal car could be made to look just as good as a supercar. If you are planning on pimping out your ride, there are some things that you should not forget.

Bling up Your Vehicle

OK, so bling may not be for everybody but for others it is essential. Shiny hub caps and decorative grills will help your car to stand out from the rest of the crowd and make sure that it has a truly unique appearance. Bling for cars can come in many different forms from fluffy die to gold plated handles and its use is largely a matter of personal taste (or lack thereof). However, no matter how understated you may prefer your car to be, most people prefer at least a little bling on their car.

The pinnacle of vehicle customisation to many is a personalised plate and for many it is the first thing on the list. All licence plates must be unique from every other in the country so you can be assured that nobody else in the country will have a plate like yours. Your plate could be something personal to you such as your initials, which is a very popular choice, or perhaps something you are very interested in such as a football team or a band. When you are getting a personalised plate though remember that it must meet with certain regulations otherwise you might find yourself getting into a little trouble with the authorities.


Some cars are more than just a way to get around but also more of a mobile disco. You can often hear these vehicles coming from miles away even with the windows closed as with the amplifier turned all the way up, the tunes being played pass through the chassis like shockwaves. It is curious to some people just how those inside are not deafened by the ear shattering volumes and conversation must be very difficult, but then who needs conversation when you look great (and sound loud) on the road.

If you would like personalised plates to help you really pimp put your ride, a company such as The Private Plate Co will be able to help you with all you need.

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