Features That Should Have Never Been in Cars

Cars have dramatically changed since their creation. They continue to build and expand with every passing year. Manufactures are constantly trying to think of new ways to make driving safer and even better for drivers. They want to appease their buyers and also offer things that no other company offers to drivers. This competition has led to car becoming more and more high tech and focused around what consumers like in their everyday life. This article will explore features that cars have had in the past of currently have that we feel have no business being in a car. Of course the decision is up to you if you want these things in your next car as this purchase is entirely your choice. Take a look at the list and then you will have a better understanding of what you may or may not want in your car.

For all of you smokers out there, I might offend you with this one but I think that it was a smart move by car companies to slowly do away with cigarette lighters and ashtrays. Has it slowed down your smoking any? Probably not. The main thing that may of change is that you now crack your window a little to flick your ashes. Not only does this help circulate air for yourself, it also circulates air in the car for those individuals who may be in your car and not smoke. However, now that there is no longer an ashtray, please remember to not throw your cigarettes out of the car. Please dispose of them in a trash can.

TVs in the dashboard. Really? You can’t miss your show so you feel the need to play it while you are driving? This is extremely dangerous. All you need to focus on is the road. If you are afraid to miss your shows you can now DVR them and they will be at home waiting for your when you get there safely. Now if you are a parent and need a way to entertain your children, having movie players for them in the back is fine. The noise can still distract you though, so make sure you get them headphones. Besides with their headphones in you can listen to what you want rather than sing along songs. Win-win.

The last one on our list is more debatable than the other two for us. On the one hand we completely understand why the manufacturer and consumer would think that it is necessary but on the other hand we think it is creepy. There are some cars that are trying to institute a heart monitor. The concept behind it is safety. They marketed it by showing that once you started to get closer to your car an alert would go off telling you if a heartbeat was detected in there or not. Obviously they hope that this would help with carjackings and kidnappings. Sure we agree with this concept, but it’s still not full proof and could give someone a false sense of security. Not to mention if there was someone in there and the monitor didn’t go off. Lawsuit waiting to happen. IN this case trust your instincts and use common sense.

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