Female Must-Have Car Accessories

Car accessories are often considered a part of a man’s world. But today, with an equal number of women drivers on the road, car manufacturers are coming up with a number of accessories designed just for women. Many girls (and some older women) love the color pink. So, car accessories which are typically available in black and blue are also available in pink. One can buy pink steering wheel covers, car seat covers as well as floor mats. There are flowers shaped pink antenna balls, aerial toppers shaped like Betty Boop, Princess, Nurse, fairies, Bumblebees or even a cow girls. These are easily available at many online retailers. Such specialized car accessories also make great gifts for women.

Apart from fashion point of view, there are some must-have car accessories that every lady-driver must have in her car. This is especially important for those women who often need to drive late at night to-or from work. Here is a list top five accessories every female rider must have in her car for safety, style and comfort:

A tire pressure gauge is a must-have, to check the tires every once in a while. Tires are the most important safety features of the car. Adequate pressure is essential for the car’s anti-skid mechanism to work. Poorly inflated tires are not only dangerous; they also can cost you a great deal of expenditure in the long run. Apart from that, car jumper cables, first aid kits, flash lights are some important accessories for keeping one safe in emergencies.

Other must-have accessory for a woman’s car is Car seats. These create a huge of impact on the overall interior appearance of the car. Apart from the looks, car seats should also be comfortable. Comfortable car seats make a great deal of difference on long drives, so one can focus better on driving. Thankfully, one has a great deal of choice in this matter today; you can pick out great looking as well as comfortable car seats that suggest you are in control of your car!

If you have pets you can consider purchasing collapsible pet dishes and bowls. Likewise, cup holders are necessary for women driving kids to and from soccer practice. Many spills can be prevented using cup holders.

Women wearing heels will love the car floor mats that are designed to provide additional cushioning for better postures. These are readily available on the Internet as well as at wholesale retailers so a little bit of research can help you make an informed choice. Many floor mats having exquisite patterns designed especially for the ladies are available.

Air fresheners are also available in various fragrances as well as attractive shapes. These help impart freshness to the car and can be conveniently attached to wind-screens. Apart from these, Car key chain rings, car magnets, car vases, license plates especially for girls, are some other awesome girls’ accessories that can be fun to shop for!

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