How to Find a Car Dealer You Can Trust

The best type of car dealer doesn’t just want to sell you a vehicle; it will also work to provide reliable service long after you drive off the lot. By taking the time to do some research before you start shopping around, you’ll have a much better chance of being a satisfied customer.

Ask Around

One of the best things you can do is talk to other people about recent experiences they had when purchasing an automobile. Whether you speak with friends, neighbors, family members, or co-workers, the input you get can be a big help when choosing a car dealer. More than likely, if someone you trust gives you advice, it will be good advice. You will very likely benefit significantly in the long term. It would be even better if the person you talk to bought the same type of vehicle that you are thinking of buying.

The Internet can be another great source of information, but tread lightly. You’ll see a great many reviews of different dealerships, but be leery if you they seem overly positive or negative. This could be an indication that people with certain agendas are populating the site with remarks that may be of very little help to you. Reputable sites, however, can provide a wealth of information. For example, you’ll find out what type of service department a car dealer has, whether or not loaner vehicles are available should something go wrong with yours, and much more.

See for Yourself

No matter how much advice you get from others or what type of information you can glean from the Internet, there’s really no substitute for walking through the door and finding out for yourself what a car dealer has to offer. Pay close attention to the way you’re greeted. If someone comes up to you and immediately launches into the hard sell, that’s a sign you may want to go somewhere else. On the other hand, if you’re allowed to look around without any unwanted interference, that’s an indication this is a place where you might want to do business.

You also shouldn’t be overly swayed by how upscale a showroom may be. While it may look great, don’t let that determine whether or not you want to buy something there. The more important factor is how willing each business will be to negotiate with you, and get as accurate an idea as possible of how much inventory it has in stock. Get a feel for what type of service you can expect after the sale and how quickly you’ll get your vehicle back should you need any repairs.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to find a car dealer that makes you feel comfortable. Do a little digging on the front end and you’ll find that the process will go much easier.

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