Fitting Winter Tyres And Taking Care On The Roads

People often debate as to whether winter tyres are necessary but they can be a great change to make if the weather does get really bad. It can also depend on where you live, if you live on a steep hill or on high ground where rain and snow would be more prominent then it would be a highly useful thing to do. Winter tyres do have some great qualities and can save damage to your summer tyres too.

Most people make the switch to winter tyres during November and December time when winter starts to set in. Winter tyres should only be fitted when the temperature outside is less than 7 degrees Celsius otherwise summer tyres should be fitted as they will provide the best grip. It is best to fit the tyres on a calm day when rain or snow isn’t present; you can take them to a garage to be fitted by a professional. When having winter tyres fitted, it is best to contact your insurer to check if they need to be informed as some require you to.

Compared to ordinary tyres during bad weather winter tyres are meant to stop your vehicle 11 metres before a summer tyre would be able to stop when travelling at 20mph on an icy road. Everybody should take more care driving in bad conditions and with the extra grip of these tyres would make the journey safer. They will also last 2-3 winters if taken care of and using these for a few months will also save extra wear on your winter tyres. March time is usually when it starts to warm up in the UK and is when people often make the switch.

As well as taking the precaution of having special tyres fitted for extra safety there are various other ways to prepare for winter. It is always a good idea to pack a few essential in the boot; they are stored away so not affecting you but might just come in handy. Some items should include food, water, a blanket, warmer clothes and a shovel. Also check your battery as this is one of the highest causes of breakdowns during the winter time. Adjust your driving skills, going slower during ice and snow is vital so simply set off a bit earlier to be on time. Keep a good distance from yourself and the vehicle in front, even with winter tyres on to be on the safe side.

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