Five Best Cars for Teenage Drivers

Many parents get rattled when choosing cars for a teen driver. The acquisition of a car is a responsible step, especially if you purchase it for your child. Car ownership gives not only freedom, most teenagers dream about, it is also a great responsibility, that can teach your child a lot. For example, teenagers who pay car’s running costs on their own, are usually more careful and attentive when driving.

So what car to choose for your teen driver? Here are 5 autos that may suit young and inexperienced drivers. They are affordable, reliable and easy to drive.

Chevrolet Spark

Safety is the first aspect parents should consider when choosing autos for their kids.

Chevrolet Spark is a perfect choice if safety is your number one concern. This compact car is one of the most protected on the market. Chevrolet Spark is equipped with ten airbags. This auto is compact, fuel-efficient and easy to drive. The market price is about $13 thousand. Basic configuration includes air conditioning and power windows. Chevrolet Spark can make an ideal first vehicle for your teen driver.

Ford Fiesta

This car will satisfy the needs of both parents and teens. The youngsters are fond of its stylish design, while parents are usually satisfied with the safety equipment this auto comes with. The list of standard safety features will satisfy even the most demanding parents, as it includes even driver’s knee airbag. Despite a compact size, Ford Fiesta features a strong performance and has shown good results during crash tests.

Honda Civic

This reliable iron horse is made for a long haul. It will serve your teen driver through high-school and college years. Honda Civic has top scores in all crash tests, so parents can sigh with relief – their inexperienced drivers are reliably protected. Besides Civic has a sleek and sporty look that is appreciated by young drivers.

Hyundai Veloster

This is a perfect choice for anyone looking for stylish, fuel-efficient and affordable auto. Stylish interior is complemented by economical 1.6 liter engine. The starting price is about $19 thousand – a fair price for such auto.

Kia Soul

The main attraction of this car is its unusual design. However, it deserves your attention not only because of the attractive design. It is quite compact, which makes parking easier and has a decent crash test scores. A low starting price (less than $16 thousand) makes Kia Soul a budget-friendly auto.

When choosing an auto for your child, do not pay attention to the auto’s price and safety features only. Do not forget to consider the future driver’s likes and dislikes. Your child should take an active part in the choosing and buying process.

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