Five Famous Trucks From Around The World

When it comes to trucks, lorries and vans, no matter what you call them, it’s fair to say that some vehicles are much more recognisable than others. From adverts and Hollywood blockbusters to cross cultural vans and lorries, we thought we’d round up some of the most famous vehicles in truck history.

Here are our top five:

1. Ice Cream Truck

A popular vehicle this time of year, ice cream vans (or trucks) have been on the go since the late ’50s. Although people still flock to the ice cream shop on wheels today, the portable business was originally invented to supply people with their daily dose of ice cream – as people didn’t have freezers in their homes during that time. However, today along with its recognisable tune, the ice cream van is still very much an integral part of our culture during the spring and summer months.

2. Fire Truck

While fire engines exist all over the world, there’s a couple in London that stand out from all the rest. How? This year, many fire services throughout the city blasted Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring of Fire’ throughout the Big Smoke. However, it wasn’t just for entertainment purposes, as they did it to protest and spread awareness against firefighter cuts. Although this took in many districts, the most noted was in Islington and Brixton in May this year. Whatever the case, it’s certainly got our attention!

3. Indian Lorries

In the spirit of Ugly Truck Day which occurred last week (July 20), we thought no list of famous trucks would be complete without mentioning the garish ones from India. It’s hard to go to the country without seeing one of their decorated lorries. The story behind these colourful 18-wheelers? Most of them are owned by individual families and in order to celebrate the vehicles which provide them with their income, they honour them by showering them with artwork and ornaments. Some even refer to them as their ‘second wives’ – another reason behind bedazzling them with jewels!

4. ‘Holidays Are Coming’ Truck

Finally, we couldn’t write a truck piece without mentioning the renowned Christmas truck advert from the mid 1990s. Not only does the ‘Holidays Are Coming’ ad mark the start of the festive season when it hits the air during its recent come backs, but what could be better than a truck with a vintage Santa on it?

5. ‘Cars’ Truck

Finally from The Secret World of Alex Mack in the 1990s and the 2006 Disney Pixar movie Cars, we couldn’t possibly have a list without featuring the famous Mack truck. Not only is it one of the most popular brands of trucks in America, but after launching in 1990, The Mack Brothers Company beat out Ford as the very first automobile brand in the country. However before Cars 1 and 2 and Transformers, Mack starred in the 1920 flick What’s Your Hurry.

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