Five Most Unique Cars In The World

Most of us drive common automobiles that adhere to various regulations in order to be allowed on the street in public. There are quite a few unique vehicles out there that come in limited editions and numbers, but the most unique cars are the ones customized and built by enthusiasts and engineers alike. Though rarely seen, these vehicles are truly amazing wonders of art, engineering and imagination.

 Japanese Jaws Car

This vehicle was created in order to promote the opening of Universal Studios in Japan. The idea was quickly rejected by Universal Studios, but it is still amazing to look at. With monster tires, the head of a Great White Shark, and metal gill like structures covering the windows, it is head turner to say the least.

 The Reebok Shoe You Can Drive In

We have heard stories about people who live in shoes, but driving in one? Well that is where the Silver Reebok Shoe car comes in. It is a roadster in the shape of a silver Reebok shoe with a red interior. Although it is quite interesting to look at, driving it may be a bit of a challenge since it lacks a windshield and windows.

 Kaba Car in Japan

Although this car has been around since World War 2, it still is an amazing vehicle that shows how creative people were in the past. We may be putting vinyl covers on our cars these days to promote products, but this vehicle is bright red, and designed to look like a Hippo, complete with toenails, ears, and nostrils. All done to promote Kabaya Sweets.

The Floppy Disk Car

Starting out as a 1998 Honda Civic, the owner of this car decided to attach several colorful, eight inch floppy disks to the car. In addition, they also added keyboard keys to make a unique, artistic car that will not get mistaken for anything but a floppy disk car. It is bright, colorful and a true marvel to look at, but best of all it is a fully functional, street legal vehicle.

 Camera Covered Van

Like the Floppy Disk car, the owner of this van decided to cover their entire car, minus the windows, with old cameras. The owner even decided to make a camera out of cameras on the side the van. There is also the word ‘smile’ on the roof of the van which is discernible from a bird’s eye view. It is a truly unique and unmistakable looking van wherever it goes.

Customizing cars can be fun and exciting. Seeing something that is truly unique even though it may not be the most tasteful creation, is still fun, exciting and worth mentioning. With some innovation, outside the box thinking, and a lot of free time, almost anyone can build and construct their own unique car. The real million dollar question is whether you will be able to sell it down the road, but it is well worth the effort and a great sight for the public.

Dean Saliba

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