Food Shopping Made Simple With BuyMeAPie.Com

Are you sick and tired of food shopping? Do you dread the time of the week when your partner will inform you it is time to venture out to the local supermarket and hands you a list? For many of us it is this list that is the cause for most of the unhappiness.

Unhappiness because we know what is going to happen. It happens every week like clockwork. You will be half way round and then your phone will go off and it is your partner telling you to add something to the list.

It can be enough to pull your hair out.

Thankfully there is a solution. is an app that is designed to help make the list adding process a lot more simpler. It allows you both to log into the app and add items to the list without having to send multiple messages/calls and then having to find a pen and scribble the items to your list.

With an app like this it might make food shopping more enjoyable!

Dean Saliba

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