Four Informative Websites to Use When Researching Used Cars

Shopping for a car can seem like a daunting task and you might not know where to start. If you’ve decided against buying new, and would rather pick from a selection of used cars, there are certain websites and forums you can explore to find the best deal for you.

Kelly Blue Book

Kelly Blue Book is a great resource for everything related to your search. This website provides you with the opportunity to asses the value of a vehicle you currently own and also lists used cars for sale with search criteria to meet specific needs. Here you can search by make or model, or by price, body shape, fuel economy and transmission. This forum also has a panel of expert reviewers that compile useful articles like “10 Best SUV’s under $25,000” and other honest reviews. Kelly Blue Book is definitely a website worth visiting during your search.

Car Fax

This website is known for listing all the history on any used cars for sale. Histories can range from food damage, number of previous owners and odometer readings to service records and accident indicators. When buying a vehicle, company transparency is key, and this website can help keep you from purchasing something with a history that is unclear or vague. The forum also has listings online along with a way to search for particular histories and records.


Craigslist, if used with caution, can be a way to buy directly from the seller. This is a riskier way to purchase, and you have to make sure to ask all the right questions, inspect the vehicle carefully and research its worth online. However, if you know how to avoid scams, false ads and spot glaring problems with the vehicle up for sale, it is possible to find a good deal on this forum website. This forum also allows you to research what’s for sale in neighboring towns and states easily.

Auto Trader

Auto Trader is a platform where you can either sell or search for a variety of used cars. Like Craigslist, Auto Trader provides its users with the opportunity to buy directly from the seller. This website also has a tab with special news, reviews and offers. Often times Auto Trader will compile a list of the best deals for a particular type of car in a particular time period. The process of looking for a vehicle becomes easier when making a comprehensive list of what you’re looking for is only one click away.

Combining the plethora of information that each of these websites holds, you can feel confident in your search for a used car. No longer do we have to look in the newspaper ads or be limited to our immediate area. This obviously provides a huge advantage for both the seller and the buyer, who can broaden their chances of selling or buying the right automobile. By being patient and paying close attention to details and important questions, you’re sure to find your dream machine for a very reasonable rate.

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