Fuel Cost-Saving Tips for Courier Jobs

Don’t let expensive fuel consumption drag down your delivery business. Discover how you can cut down on your monthly expenses with practical tips straight from the experts. One of the most significant overhead expenses involved in carrying out courier jobs is fuel. Of course, when you are able to cut down your fuel consumption by even just a small fraction, you can enjoy significant savings every month.

Here are some tips and tricks on how you can possibly cut down on your fuel consumption but still stay competitive in the delivery industry.

Plan your route ahead of time. Sure, you have your SatNav ready to provide you some direction. But taking time to look at a map before carrying out courier jobs can help you unravel shorter routes.

Check your truck tyres on a regular basis. Making deliveries and completing courier jobs as your source of income means you are constantly on the road. Checking your tyres will not only ensure your safety but also help avoid unnecessary delays. When you are expected to carry heavier loads, it is recommended that you increase the pressure of your tyres or when you are driving around for long periods. Take time to check the manufacturer’s recommendations on your handbook.

Drive smoothly. Avoid trying to beat red lights especially in low gears. Concentrate on looking ahead so you can avoid coming to an abrupt stop. Instead of stop-start driving, choose to gradually slow down your vehicle to avoid unnecessary fuel wastage.

Get rid of extra weight. Truth is, every additional weight you constantly carry is costing you money, as reflected in your fuel consumption. In fact, even an additional 25 litres can increase your fuel consumption by as much as 1%. Check it out and eliminate the unnecessary weight you have been carrying around. It is true that every minute counts when carrying out courier jobs, but planning your travel ahead of time or even arriving 10 minutes later will not hurt as much as the expense of 25% more fuel expense.

Switch off unimportant electrical equipment. Keep in mind that your battery is not a free by-product of a running engine. The more electricity you consume with the use of heated windows, headlights, etc. will mean a corresponding increase in your fuel consumption. Instead of charging your mobile phone from your vehicle, make sure to charge it at home.

Don’t overlook regular maintenance. Carrying out courier jobs on a regular basis results in gradual wear and tear on your vehicle. Ensuring your vehicle is properly maintained can actually spell a huge difference in your fuel consumption.

Never overfill your fuel tank. This is because a full tank can cause expensive spillages, frothing and leaks that run through the vent pipe. This will not only cost you money, it can also potentially leave poisonous diesel spills along the road.

Choose when you should fuel up. Take time to plan out your route so you can be able to choose where you can purchase fuel at a more reasonable rate.

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