Getting your Landscaping Business to Blossom

We’re all trying to hustle our way through this thing called life, and part of that is the ever going hustle for money. It’s hard sometimes to think of ways to get more money but we need more because food doesn’t buy itself, nor does the latest Playstation. If you’re like me, you have some money but want more. SO what can you do to get money? One great way is to start a business, but you have to be willing to think long term when you do something like that. Say for example you want to start a landscaping business – how do you get started and how do you get the business to blossom? Here are some tips.

Pro Bono To Begin


Think of it as a business investment: do something for free now so that you’ll have loyal customers for the rest of time. It’s also the way drug pushers get their clients – first one’s always free. But that’s a seedy way to think about it. With landscaping, you can give the first mow for free, and then when you do a good job, that person will hire you and not only that, but they’ll tell their friends about what a good job you did. Soon, if you plan it right, you can get the whole neighborhood as your clients so you can bang out a bunch of lawns in an afternoon. That’s when the cash starts to flow in.


Another thing you have to do in a new business is to think expansion, and always say yes to new clients. You can’t afford to tell a person that you are unavailable to mow their lawn on a particular day because you have clients on the other side of town. What you need to do in that situation is rent a van if you can’t afford a whole new vehicle in your fleet. You can also rent other lawn equipment – sure it can be a loss for the day, but if you do a good job, the same principle as above applies and you can get a lot of new work, enough so that you can actually afford a new team of workers. The avon hollywood rental place can get you a great working vehicle at the last minute of the case arises.

Facebook Page


It’s free and easy and in this day and age it’s essential. You must start a facebook page for your business. Even though the pages these days don’t work great and most people who are fans of your page don’t actually see your posts unless you pay them, it doesn’t matter. It’s still free advertising and most people are accustomed to checking out potential businesses on Facebook before agreeing to work with them. So go ahead and start it up and put a cool picture on and start getting your friends to like the page. Business will boom.

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