Giving Your Child A Helping Hand When Home Schooling

Home schooling is a huge talking point these days as more and more parents are making the decision to pull their children out of mainstream schools and school them at home.

There are a few arguments ‘for’ and ‘against’ home schooling, one of the main arguments against home schooling has to be that the children will miss out from integrating with other children? The experts say it is important for children to be with other children.

We will leave the debate for another day and place, you have made the decision to home school your child and things are more or less going well but you feel like your child could do with an extra little bit of help, where do you turn?

Step forward TutorHub like a brightly coloured superhero dressed in purple, pink & white.

TutorHub is a web site that puts you and your child in touch with tutors who specialise in various subjects from English right through to more specialised subjects such as business management.

It is free to join the web site and use many of the features, you only have to part with money if you decide to hire one of the many tutors on the site, and their prices start from only £10.00 an hour and you only pay by the hour.

The free features on the site are the very helpful Q&A board, where you can ask for basic help and advice, and the community feature where your child can find their friends and form little groups.

I wish there was a web site like this when I was at school (yes we had the internet when I was at school, I’m not THAT old) as I’m sure I would have done something a lot better with my life. 🙂

Why not sign up, it doesn’t cost anything to check it out.

Dean Saliba

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