Golf GTI Is The Hot Hatch To Love For 2015

If you thought your days of having a sporty VW car were numbered as soon as you started having kids, the Golf GTI could be the car of your dreams. Considered a “hot hatch,” the car has family friendly hatchback styling, with a powerful engine, improved suspension, aerodynamic body parts, and larger 18″ wheels and tires. The newest version of the car, available in three models, is already winning awards as it delivers the power drivers expect.

What To Watch For In 2015

The Golf GTI is available in three models in 2015, the S, the SE, and the four-door Autobahn. In addition, there are more packages of features to allow you to customize your car.

Performance Features In The 2015 Golf GTI

All models come standard with 2.0 L TSI, 16 valve, DOHC, in-line 4-cylinder turbocharged engine with intercooler and FSI direct fuel injection, 210 HP, and 250 pounds per foot of torque. The Performance Package increases the power to 220 HP, adds larger brakes and a torque-sensing electronically controlled limited-slip differential.

The SE and Autobahn models with the Performance Package also offer the dynamic tampering system called Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC). A six-speed manual transmission is standard, while an automatic with Tiptronic, sports mode, and steering wheel mounted paddle shifters is an option available on all three models.

2015 Golf GTI Put To The Test

The 2015 Golf GTI recently won the “Cheap Speed Challenge” sponsored by, a competition available to compact hatchbacks, coupes, and sedans that cost less than $30,000 and have performance features. Experts from, MotorWeek, USA Today and an actual car shopper for a performance car evaluated eight contenders in a series of tests conducted on a closed track and on various roads to simulate real driving.

The tests included:

  • 0-60 mph time and quarter-mile times and speeds
  • Braking distance at 60 mph to 0
  • 200 miles of driving on streets and highways
  • Round-robin driving for street driving, so each expert could evaluate all cars in the test group back to back

The results? According to Joe Weisenfelder, Executive Editor at, “Not only does the all-new 2015, Volkswagen Golf GTI offer the best performance bang for the buck, it is also one of the most comfortable. The GTI outperformed most cars in just about every test we conducted. Also, unlike some of the other Cheap Speed competitors, the GTI offers an impressively roomy and high-quality interior as well as being seriously fun to drive.”

Performance, Safety, And Practicality.

What this means for you as a Golf GTI driver is that the car will offer you the zip you need on the road, whether you are commuting to work, driving your kids to soccer practice, or cruising along the open highway. As the new model is made from stronger, lighter ultra-high-strength steel, you will find the car offers improved handling along with improved gas mileage. When equipped with standard features plus a Driver Assistance Package that includes Forward Collision Warning and Park Distance Control (PDC) with front and rear proximity sensors, the car is so safe that it is a 2014 Top Safety Pick from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

When researching new Volkswagen cars, consider the 2015 Golf GTI for the perfect family friendly performance car.

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