A Guide To Motorcycle Safety Gear

No doubt most riders give a great deal of consideration to the motorbike you want to ride before they go out and buy it – but it’s equally important, if not more so, to think about what safety gear you’re going to need. This is why riders must take the time to choose the right clothing and other equipment. After all, it could make a crucial difference in the event of an accident. Motorcycle gear can often be bulky and uncomfortable – particularly in warm weather – but it can help to prevent serious injury should an accident occur. With that in mind, then, here are a few things you should remember when you come to buy motorcycle clothing and safety equipment.

Choosing the right helmet

It might sound like an obvious statement to make, but it really is crucial that you choose the right helmet before you hit the road. There are, unfortunately, too many cyclists who think they can do without a helmet – to be clear, this is the sort of risk you should not be taking. A helmet is the most important piece of motorcycle safety equipment above all others. When you come to choose a helmet, you should make sure you opt for one which fits comfortably. Not only will this provide more effective protection in the event of an accident, but it should also provide some respite from wind noise.

Eye and ear protection

It’s also important to make sure that your eyes and ears have the protection they need when you’re riding your motorbike. Of course, your helmet should provide built-in eye protection, thereby keeping any debris out of your eyes while you’re on the road. Alternatively, some riders choose to wear sunglasses. Also, motorcycle noise tends to be pretty loud and this can be quite a distraction when you’re riding. It might be worth, therefore, investing in a decent pair of earplugs. Make sure they fit comfortably, though, otherwise they might distract you while you’re riding your bike.



Choosing the right clothing is also key – not only do you need to choose clothing which is comfortable, but you also need to ensure it provides you with robust protection. There are, of course, many different motorcycle jackets to choose from. These are usually made from materials including nylon, Kevlar and leather. Your jacket should also have some built-in padding. Some motorcycle jackets don’t work particularly well in continuous rain, so it might be worth purchasing a specially-designed motorcycle rain jacket.

You should also wear durable gloves when riding your motorbike. When accidents happen, most people tend to put their hands out first to break the fall – so your hands could end up being seriously injured in this sort of situation. Robust gloves should help to mitigate this to an extent, however. There’s also a wide range of motorcycle pants available in shops, so when you come to choose a pair make sure they’re properly reinforced at the knees and hips. Trainers may offer some motorcyclists some protection, but motorcycle boots are generally a better option. It’s best to choose thick leather boots which also have a flexible sole.

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