High Performance Parts You Can Get For Your Car

In order to increase the efficiency of your car, you can consider adding high performance auto parts. Aftermarket parts will boost the power of your vehicle which may not be running at its full potential with parts from the manufacturer. There are lots of parts that can be added to your car but in order to increase its performance, you should go for high performance parts.

Aftermarket Air Intakes

A car’s air intake system moves air from outside the car through the engine so that it will be kept cool. Adding this part to your car will reduce the amount of dust that gets into the engine. Dust can block your car engine and prevent it from getting the air it needs to run cool and strong.

There are varieties of air intake systems and the one to choose depends on how much dust and dirt you want to get rid of. Some of the most the most efficient air intake filters are those with nano-fiber filtration technology which can get rid of 98.7% of dust at 2 microns and 100% at 3 microns. You should ensure that only air is getting into your engine and not dust so that its performance will be enhanced.

High Performance Exhaust

An aftermarket exhaust system will also enhance the performance of your vehicle. It streamlines the flow of exhaust from a car in contrast to those that come with vehicle which may restrict the flow because the exhaust pipes are bent. Furthermore, the space in the engine is freed which enable new fuel and air to burn easily in order to create more power.

However, the diameter of the exhaust pipes will go a long way in determining the type of performance the exhaust provides. Even though your vehicle will benefit from the addition of a high performance exhaust system, the engine may go bad if you install the wrong one. Hence, you must make sure that the exhaust system is rated for your engine before installation.

High Performance Tires

The addition of high performance tires will enhance its appearance, driveability and overall performance. The tires come with large tread blocks and a stiffer sidewall with a nylon cap over the steel belts to hold the tire at high speeds. The tires are rated to various speeds with an “H” rating for speeds up to 130 mph, “S” for up to 112 mph, “V” for up to 149 mph and “Z” 149 mph and beyond.

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