How I was Defeated by a Curtain Rod

I think every man likes to believe that he is some kind of DIY guru when it comes to doing home improvement jobs around the home. Many a time I have swaggered into a room with my toolbox to undertake a repair or improvement like a cowboy walking into a Wild West Town in the US.

When you consider that I have fixed broken doors, built a shed, put flooring down, and even put in new windows, it might seem surprising to hear that I was defeated by a simple curtain rail once.

The job was meant to be a simple one; I was supposed to put up a curtain rail, a five minute job at the most. This would consist of buying the rail from somewhere like Drapery Rods Direct, measuring the width of the window, cutting the rail down to size, drilling holes into the frame, and then screw the rail to the frame.

So why did I fail?

Well I got into trouble shortly after I cut the rail down to size. I measured the width of the window twice (just to make sure) and I then measured that width of the window on the rail and cut the rail down to the size that I needed and made the holes in the frame where I would screw the rail to the window.

Then I put the rail, that I had just cut, up against the window and noticed that it was a good foot too short for the window. I was very confused by how this happened so I measured the rail again and it was exactly the same size as I had measured the window.

I then measured the window and discovered it was EXACTLY a foot shorter than the twi times I measured it before!

So I had to admit defeat.

My girlfriend has asked me to do some DIY to her house and one of the things she wants is to put up curtains with Holdbacks, I’m not sure my manhood could handle being defeated by another curtain rail.

Dean Saliba

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