How Important Is It to Service Your Car Regularly?

At times when the family budget is tight it may be necessary to look to various avenues in life to cut costs. With living costs on the rise and disposable income on the decline many households have had to make significant cut backs in recent years.

The cost of running a car can often be one of the most substantial costs that a household has to pay for. The temptation may be to save money by using a reduced insurance policy or even forgoing regular servicing. However, this would not be a wise course of action for a number of reasons.

Roadworthy and reliable

Regular servicing ensures that faults that arise within the vehicle are rectified before they become a real problem. Such faults by come about as a result of defective parts or simply wear over a period of time.

Moreover, regular servicing can ensure early detection of such faults so that the fault can be addressed before it fails altogether. This can save the car owner a lot of money in the long run as a minor fault left undetected can cause significant problems if it is not addressed promptly.

Safe and efficient

By ensuring that the vehicle is roadworthy the car owner also maintains the safety standards of the car. Modern vehicles are built to exceptionally high safety standards but regular servicing is required to maintain this high standard.

Regular servicing also has the benefit of ensuring that the vehicle is operating in the most efficient manner. A well maintained engine will burn fuel more efficiently and therefore save the car owner a significant amount of money during the course of the operating life of the vehicle.

High resale value

When it comes to buying a used vehicle one feature that many buyers look for is a full service history. This is especially sought after if the servicing has been completed by an authorised dealer. For example, when buying a BMW many buyers will look specifically for models that have a full BMW maintenanceand service history.

Not only is this a desirable selling point when it comes to selling the vehicle on the second hand market but it can actually add value to the car. For this reason alone it is well worth ensuring regular maintenance of the car in order to keep the resale value as high as possible.

Peace of mind

Regular servicing also offers the car owner peace of mind that the vehicle is free from faults, safe and fit to be on the road. The very knowledge that someone who knows the vehicle intimately has looked over the car can be exceptionally reassuring.

What is more, the expense of regular servicing can actually save the vehicle’s owner money. Faults and problems detected an early stage can often be cheaper to rectify than at a later stage and an engine that is operating at maximum efficiency will always be cheaper to run than an equivalent left to its own devices.

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