How Taxis Can Make the World a Better Place

There are almost 7 billion people all around the world (as stated by the United States Census Bureau – USCB), each one of them having their own life style, choices, standards and hobbies. The most populated countries at this moment are: India, China, United States, Brazil, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Japan and Russia. Although the predominant number of inhabitants lays in Asia, Europe has also a considerable population: almost 600 million people in the year 2010, expected to reach 700 by 2025.

What do all of these people have to do with taxis? Well, let us see how each distinction helps the population live a better life by the use of cabs. First of all, the standard of living is crucial. If the level of richness is higher and the comfort can be obtained easily, then there is no class disparity and the cost of goods and services could be balanced and affordable. This means that each person should be able to own a car once he’s legally entitled to a driver’s license or each family can buy one that is going to be shared among the members. Studies show that the top 5 countries with a great number of vehicles per 1000 people are: San Marino (1,263), Monaco (863), United States (797), Liechtenstein (750) and Iceland (745). At the end of the list we can find names like: Togo (2), Liberia (3), Somalia (3), Ethiopia (4) and Nepal (5).

No matter how high or low is the standard of living in the countries all around the world, everywhere there can be found a taxi industry, even if the cabs take the form of motorized vehicles (cars and coaches), bicycles or motorcycles. They are chosen as a daily transport from home to work, as a back-up plan for a night out drowned in alcohol with some friends or simply because of the bad weather conditions. Taxis are there and this is a comfortable solution to all of us. The quotes may be a little higher than that of the bus or the subway, but we need them to get to an important meeting when our own car broke down, when there is traffic, when you go to an airport or after you return from a party.

And this brings us to another important point, the life style that we create for ourselves. The psychologists sustain that it is actually a mix of personal values and external environment, representing the individual’s attitude towards life, politics, economics, religion and other important domains. Related to it are the individual hobbies that are done for pleasure, like sport, shopping, reading and travelling. If a certain person wants comfort, safety and easy access, then he must have chosen at least once to take a taxi. Maybe it is not an environmental solution or a method of doing some savings, but it can take you to your favorite tennis practice, to your best friend’s anniversary or back to your cheap rented place, in that dark, dangerous part of the neighborhood, where you chose to temporary live, just to move out from your parents’ house.

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