How The Automobile Industry Uses Hot Glue in Manufacturing

There has been a new production requirement in the automotive industry in the last few years. Each car needs to be more lightweight, fuel efficient, comfortable, and most of all safe. This has been proving to be a big problem for car industries and they have been trying to shave off every pound and come up with the most innovative ideas to save weight and keep safety. From these innovative sessions they have produced hot melt adhesives.

What are hot melt adhesives?

Hot melt adhesives are a product that are meant to replace . The hot melt adhesives provide faster production, better air permeability, easy application, less weight, and better aging resistance. These adhesives provide a better product and save time and money for the industry. This also means a cheaper product for customers. These adhesives have been manufactured for different pieces on the car such as lights, carpet, and mirrors.

What types of adhesives are there?

There are two main types of hot melt adhesives. One is for auto lamps and lights while the other is for other auto parts. Auto lamp hot melt adhesive was made specifically for head lights and tail lights. They offer the most air permeability and allow for easy and quick installation of lighting. This adhesive saves the industry time and money in production. The second hot melt adhesive is for all the other parts such as mirrors, carpeting, non-woven auto parts, water repelling lamination for car doors, and foam and leather for car seats. This type of hot melt adhesive was made to act as a better glue while allowing for less application time because all it takes is heat instead of a chemical reaction. This hot melt adhesive offers high heat resistance, good adhesion to various materials, and excellent peeling strength. All of this together provides the best quality product for the customer while also giving them a lower price. A true win-win situation.

What pushed for new adhesives?

The biggest reasons for new adhesives was the effort to save time and money while also providing a safer product for the customers. Every industry, no matter the area, tries to innovate and improve their product and business as much as possible. This new adhesive was simply an evolution in the car producing industry. It offers the best possible outcome of any adhesives today and offers better protection and quality. Who doesn’t like to save time and money while also receiving a better product? Overall the new adhesives are a great step in the direction to the better car of tomorrow. This is only one step in the direction that the car industries will take us. We can only wait and see what great new ideas they come up with next.

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