How to Add a Customized Horn Sound to Your Car

The car horn is a staple in all cars. The only problem is that the sound of the car horn can be very annoying. This causes many people to look into customizing the sound of their car horn. There are a few ways that you can do this. Some methods will be a bit easier than others but before you can get to the how to you should think about the why.

Why people customize car horns

So why do people customize the sound of their horns? Have you ever had a car where the horn sounds like a toy that has been squeezed one too many times? Have you ever simply wanted to set your car apart from the masses around it? Do you want your car to have a bit more of you in it? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you may want to consider customizing your horns sound. It is possibly the fact that there is no limit on what you can make your horn sound like that drives many people. There are some people who have customized their horns to blare out their favourite song or to moo at other cars.

How to customize your car horn

Once you have decided that you want to customize your car horn you will need to know how to. There are two ways that you can easily do this.

  • The first way is to simply buy a custom horn. You can buy these items from your local car parts store. These can also be bought online and they come with a range of sounds. If you find a sound that you want then this is probably the best way to go.
  • If a store bought sounds does not suit you then you may want to connect an mp3 of the sound you want to your horn. You will have to buy a custom horn from a store that allows you to download a sound onto the memory of the device. Downloading the mp3 to the device will have to done via computer. Once the sound file has downloaded you simply have to install the horn.

Things to remember when customizing

While actually customizing your horn is not hard you have to keep certain things in mind. One of these is the noise ordinance of your area. Many areas have rules about how loud a car horn is allowed to be. When you are installing your car horn you should also keep in mind that the wiring for the horn is connected to the horn fuse. What this means is that the horn can go off even if the car is off.

Customizing your car horn is not as hard as it may seem. Many people simply opt for a horn with the sounds already on it. You can also get a horn which allows you to download an mp3 to use as your horn sound. Which method you use depends on what you want from your customized horn.

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