How to Be More Eco-Friendly When Washing Your Car

Every car owner wants to make sure that his car is well-maintained and clean. Regular maintenance is vital in prolonging the lifespan of a vehicle. Habitual cleaning is essential as well not only in making a car last longer, but also in ensuring that a car’s paint job stays nice, smooth and shiny for a long time. But regular car washing could heavily impact the environment in a number of ways. For one, hand-washing a vehicle, which is actually a popular and also a cheap option, makes use of a lot of water. Then, there are also residues from cleaning products that could cause environmental harm. So, what’s a car owner to do?

Hand-Wash versus Car Wash

It is but natural for a vehicle owner to want to preserve the object of his pride. This is why he washes his car on a regular basis, and checks if the assault of rain, snow or even dust and pollution has damaged his precious vehicle. Regular cleaning is advisable and recommended by experts instead of waiting for dirt and grime to accumulate and become harder to remove. But what is a better alternative to hand-washing? It is generally better to go to a commercial car wash because less water is used compared with using the traditional bucket or hose method. These days, there are also government regulations regarding what sorts of eco-friendly measures car wash companies have to follow and implement. For instance, some are encouraged to use certain types of cleaning products in order to protect the surroundings from harm that noxious residues could cause. Then there are also rules about water conservation. In some states, car wash companies have to collect used water, pass this through a purifier, and then reuse it. This method greatly reduces water depletion.

Still, many vehicle owners are hesitant to go to a car wash because they’re afraid that their cars could sustain damage. Well, car damage could happen, especially in car washes where huge spinning brushes and giant slapping mops come in direct contact with automobiles. If too much pressure is applied, these giant tools could easily scrape or scratch paint, or even create minor dents. Then, there’s also the possibility of debris from other cars damaging the next vehicle. So, instead of these kinds of car wash, people can check out a car wash that uses high pressure water, which means that brushes and mops won’t come in direct contact with a vehicle. Such companies regulate the amount of pressure used to protect the car. Moreover, high pressure water works better because it can wash away dirt that may have collected in hard-to-reach areas, like the car’s undercarriage or chassis.

Eco-Friendly Home Car Wash

If a person does decide to wash his car at home, there are also certain things that will help him be more eco-friendly. Here are two tips.

– Use Biodegradable or Green Cleaning Products

Certain types of cleaning products are more eco-friendly than others. There are water soluble and biodegradable car wash liquids and powders. There are also windshield cleaners, as well as tire products.

– Wash car on lawn

Instead of washing a car near a gutter, it’s better to do the washing on a lawn or grassy area. This way, dirty or soapy water can be filtered by the soil. Water that goes down a suburban gutter can go down a storm drain, which could lead straight to natural bodies of water, like lakes and streams.

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