How to Build Your Own Car Mats?

Everyone wants to make their car a bit more personal. Some people put stickers on the windows or dash while others hang items from the rear view mirror. You can also have some custom car mats to really put a personal spin on your car. So how would you do this?

No limits with customised car mats

Customised car mats are much better than mats you get in a store. The reason for this is that there is no limit to what can be done. You can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to your mats. If you want to put a weird design on them, you can. Additionally you can have any shape you want and not just what car mat companies think is okay.

How to make personalised car mats

So how do you make your own personalised mats?

1. The first step is to measure the areas in the car where the mats will be. By doing this you will ensure that the mat will fit. Estimated sizes can be a bit dangerous as you may make the mat too big.

2. Get some carpet for the mats. The carpet will be the base of your car mat so you need to decide what colour you want and what you are going to do on it beforehand.

3. Cut the carpet into the shape you want. Once you have measured and planned what you want you can start making you mats by cutting up the carpet to fit the car.

4. Place the mat in the area where it will be. By doing this you will be able to see if there are any parts of carpet that need to be cut away. You should mark these parts so you can trim them giving your mat a good finish and a good fit. On the driver’s side you need to make sure the mat does not bunch under the pedals.

5. Add any custom extra you want. Once your mats are the correct size you can then put the finishing touches onto them. This will be any designs on the carpet or different colours you want to put on.

What other mat options are there?

Not everyone wants to make their own mats. For people who are not in the DIY spirit there are a number of companies who will create the mats for you. While this may cost you more than doing it all by yourself it may cost less than you think. Generally you will be able to design the mat yourself and the company will then make it. You can also choose from designs that they have if you don’t feel confident in designing the mat yourself.

Customised car mats are a great way to personalise your car. It is actually rather easy to make them yourself with the majority of the time going into the designing of the mats. Of course you can get a company to make the mat for you off your design if you want to.

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