How To Bypass A Transponder Key

A transponder key emits radio frequency that notifies your ignition that you have inserted the right key. This feature increases the security level of your car. It also prevents hot wiring from taking place.

Although, the key makes your car more secure, this doesn’t mean that you can’t bypass it and open your car without it. To help you out, here are tips on how to ignite your car without the key.

Tips on How to Bypass Transponder Key

You should place the plastic head of your key on a pair of pliers and gently grasp it so that you are able to remove the key head. If the head fails to slip off easily you should consider pulling the key in opposite directions until the head slips off.

To avoid compromising the ability of the key to turn the tumblers in your ignition you shouldn’t pull the key with pliers.

When the head slips off you should squeeze a quarter sized dab on the underside of the steering column. For ideal results you should ensure that you squeeze the dab as close to the ignition as you can. You should then press the key head into the glue until it sets. You should turn the key and it should start the car.

If you are familiar with removing the clamshell cover of the steering column you should remove it and place the transponder head to the inside. You can also consider rewiring the ignition if you have some skills with electronics.

If you don’t want to do this you should consider buying a bypass kit. The kit is available in most shops that sell automotive parts. The kit will allow you to easily and safely bypass the wiring system of the transponder key and you will be able to ignite your car without requiring the permission of the transponder. For ideal results you should ensure that you install the key according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.


These are some of the ways in which you can bypass the transponder key. You should note that while bypassing the key will save you the agony of worrying about what will happen when you lose the key, it puts your car at risk of losing the key. This is because other people can easily open the car.

To ensure that the work is professionally done, you should work with a professional and experienced locksmith.

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