How to Change Oil in a Car Efficiently

The engine of a vehicle is just like a kid and the owner of the vehicle the parent. It should be taken care of. When the engine is not taken care of, it would easily break and would cause lots of problems to the acting parent – the owner. For instance, it is imperative that the engine oil be checked regularly. This is because it plays a huge role in the function of the engine. It cleans the wear particles of the engine, increases the lubrication which reduces friction and in turn balances the temperatures inside the engine.

Experts suggest that the engine oil should be changed after the car has covered a particular measurement of distance. Usually engine oils would be changed after a 5,000 mile run or less. Taking your car to a mechanic can sometimes be taxing and costly, that’s why every owner should know how to change oil in car.

It would be wise for you to know how to do this because when the time comes, you will say to yourself that getting the engine oil changed at a shop is indeed costly. So if you want to know how to do it, here’s a guide for you to know how to change oil in car.

Gather Round the Necessary Tools and Warm the Engine

The very first thing to do here is to gather the necessary tools. It would be careless if you start draining the oil from your engine immediately. After gathering the necessary tools, you should then start the engine. This has sparked numerous debates but this has been scientifically proven to be effective. The oil needs to warm before it is drained so that all the old oil will be eradicated from the engine.

Remove the Plug and Oil Filter

The next step is to remove the plug as well as the oil filter. When you remove the oil filter, you should be certain that you also remove the rubber band around it because if you don’t then the new filter would not fit in quite well and your oil would eventually leak. This is a common mistake which most people commit so you’d better focus when you do this.

Draining the Oil and Pouring in the New One

After successfully removing the plug and filter, you proceed to drain the oil. When all the old oil is out, it’s time to pour in the new one. Be careful not to spill the old and new oil on your car or garage because it could leave unwanted stains.

Warm the Engine and Make Sure the Oil Meter is Up

The last thing to do is to make sure that there is enough oil in your engine. This is easy because all you have to do is start the car and observe the oil meter.

There you have it. Now you know how to change oil in car with ease. Don’t be distracted when you do this for you to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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