How To Deter Car Thieves

Car theft is a huge multi-national, multi-billion pound business. Some thieves are opportunist whilst others are highly organised. In this article we take a look at what you can do to deter a car thief from taking your car.

The thing to remember with car thieves, unless opportunist teenage joy riders, is that they aren’t interested in whose car it is or where it is from, they are most likely to be after a particular make and model. Making your car that bit more difficult to lift will help deter them and send them to the vehicle parked down the road which is a bit easier to steal.


The all-time best defence for any car thief is by putting your car in a locked garage which has either a big heavy oak door, or strong steel doors. Putting your car in the garage means it is out of site and the garage can be alarmed to further deter a would be thief. Car theft is all about speed so putting something like a steel door in the way of this makes it extremely difficult to achieve that.


Though this is not as effective as putting the car in the garage this does actually help to deter any thieves. They can also be further deterred by parking a less appealing car behind the luxury vehicle as this is something they must move in order to get the car out. If your driveway has a gate always make sure this is shut, again it is something which will slow the thief down and stop them from getting away so quickly.

Car Alarms

Make sure your car has a car alarm, and a noisy one at that! This is especially important if you park in a car park or residential parking area overnight. A car alarm won’t stop a thief, but it will alert others around the vehicle to the disturbance and this might just be enough to put the car thief off.


For high value sports cars this may be a sound option. It will allow the local police to track your car if it is taken without your permission and increase the chances of it being recovered should it be stolen.


Many car thieves will break into your car purely for your sat nav, or the iPod you keep plugged in. Don’t encourage them and either take all your valuables with you or keep them plainly out of sight. With sat nav’s make sure you wipe the ring they leave on the windscreen off as this is a good indication you have and use one.

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