How to Find the Best Tires for Your Money

Buying a tire is easy. A person just needs to head to their nearest tire store and order the best looking set for their car; Right? Well, it may seem that this is the case, but if a consumer wants the most value for their money, they’ll need to take a look at some little-known facts that can make their purchase not only enjoyable, but also cost-efficient as well.

Price and Value

Quality and performance are important factors to consider when buying new tires. Most people think that cheaper is better. What consumers don’t see is that a tire costing $100 with 30,000 mile tread life is less cost-efficient than a $120 one that lasts 50,000 miles on the road. If buyers divide the total cost from tread life, they’ll find that some higher priced rubbers are the better option in the long run. In terms of quality, tires play a major role in fuel efficiency. A simple tire can actually burn more fuel than those with advanced fuel-saving technologies. Finding that balance between quality and price is easy, once a buyer thinks in the long-term.


Tires affect the way vehicles grip the road. They also sometimes show off a driver’s personality in automobiles that are fine tuned. Naturally, vehicle owners would want all their tires to look the same and to perform well on all four sides of the vehicle. Sometimes only one or two tires need replacement. The choice to replace the whole set or just buy one or two depends on the amount of tread left on the good tires. When tires are new, a buyer can lower their costs by purchasing a smaller quantity. Generally, when only one tire needs replacement, consumers should buy the exact same tire as the other three. Vehicle owners can only get away with changing the tire’s brand when replacing two. However, the new tire’s size and speed rating should exactly match the vehicles older ones, and a tire specialist should place the new set on the automobile’s rear axle.

Upgrading Tires

Every vehicle has an original equipment (OE) tire size that’s recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer. Sometimes automobile owners want to upgrade their tires for aesthetic reasons. This can get complicated, as any tire specialist agreeing to do the job takes on the responsibility of passenger safety. The tire’s load capacity is the most important factor to consider when upgrading. Safety and handling depend on a tire’s capacity to hold the vehicle and to carry its passengers. An overworked tire will not handle well on the road, especially in severe weather. A tire’s diameter is also an important dynamic to think about when upgrading. The diameter affects an automobile’s overall speed. Modern vehicles have digital speedometers that calculate speed based on the tire’s width. Changing a tire’s radius could result in wrong speedometer readings, so caution is advised.

Tire codes

Knowing tire codes helps buyers select a safe tyre. There is a lot of information on a tyre that most consumers never bother to look at. Learning the significance of the symbols engraved on a tyre helps buyers understand their tyre specialist, when they describe a product’s specifications. A tyre’s vehicle code, dimensions and diameter are the most common symbols recognized by consumers. This code usually reads P185/65R14, which would mean it’s a Passenger vehicle tyre with a height of 185 millimeters, a width that is 65% of the height, a Radial and a diameter of 14 inches. There are also other tyre codes on engraved on the tyre that include DOT information, load capacity, speed ratings and road condition symbols.

Special Tires

Besides regular tires, manufacturers also make special tires for snow, rainy and muddy road conditions. Some people live in areas with year round extreme weather. Others need to buy two sets of tires, one for winter and another set for summer. However, most consumers can get away with buying only one set that protects

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