How to Fit a Roof Box Correctly

Have you found that there is always something that doesn’t fit into your car? One answer to this problem is to fit a roof box onto your car. Of course you will want to make sure that you fit this correctly as there are many problems that can come about if you don’t. It is best to know about roof boxes and the way to install them before you try anything.

Best roof box for your car

Getting the best roof box for your car is the first step. You need to be aware that the box has to fit your car. Most boxes will tell you want car makes and models they fit. Not only do you have to think about your car but you also need to consider what you are going to use the box for. Is it simply for more storage space or do you have something specific that you want to put in it?

How to install roof boxes

Installing roof boxes does require a number of steps to be followed. If you follow all the steps properly then you should have no problems like scratched paint or the roof box being unstable.

1. The first step is to install the roof rack for your car. This is where most people find that they scratch the paint on their car. When installing the roof rack first make sure it fits your car.

2. Once you have the right roof rack you should wash and completely dry your car to get rid of all the dirt that can hinder this process.

3. Now you should rough mount the rack. This means that you place the rack where it should be but don’t actually install it.

4. You should now put some vinyl strips under the areas where the roof rack is going to rest on the car. This will prevent the paint from scratching.

5. Once the vinyl is one the car you can install the roof rack.

6. When you are going to place your box on the rack you should loosen the rack a little. This allows you to manoeuvre the box into the right position.

7. Once the box is on the rack, try and centre it as much as possible. This is important as the box needs to be in the centre so that it does not unbalance the car. If you have more than once box then you should line them up so that each side of the car has an equal amount of weight.

8. Once you have centred the box make sure that it is horizontal and parallel to the road. The front and back should not stick up at all.

9. Once you have your box in the right position you can fix it onto the roof rack and tighten the roof rack to the car roof.

Installing a roof box needs to be done properly otherwise it could damage your car or the box itself. If you do not feel comfortable installing the box yourself it is possible to get someone else to do it for you.

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