How to Increase Your Car’s Mileage?

However, you can teach yourself basic steps to easily increase your fuel’s mileage with the current car you are driving. Driving properly and taking proper care of your beloved car are basic prerequisites that make fuel last longer and help your car perform like brand new.

Here are a few steps that you should follow religiously in order to boost your car’s mileage:

1) Drive within the speed limit.

2) If your car has cruise control, use it! During highway driving this feature doesn’t let the accelerator throttle and keeps it smooth even if you step hard on the gas pedal.

3) Shut off the car if it is idling for longer than five minutes.

4) Don’t accelerate the engine unnecessarily.

5) Change your motor oil regularly as per manufacturer recommendations. Rotate your tires once in a year to promote even wear and tear of the rubber.

6) Add motor oil additives to your engine oil to improve lubrication of the fuel tank and avoid grime creeping into the crankshaft!

7) Change dirty air filters and faulty spark plugs which hamper the performance of your car.

8) Use regular octane fuel for your car, high-octane petrol burns out faster and is meant for high-performance cars.

9) Reduce your engine’s speed by using your vehicle’s over-drive gears. This will reduce the wear and tear on your engine considerably.

10) Remove unnecessary luggage or an unused steepness from your car trunk space. Extra weight weighs a car down and puts more pressure on your mileage.

11) Take routes that have sparse traffic. Getting stuck in a traffic jam is your mileage’s worst enemy.

12) Use four-wheel drive sparingly, it increases fuel consumption.

13) Always keep your car tires inflated at company stated levels. Proper balance of your car ensures better fuel economy.

14) Never rev beyond on 3000 rpm to reduce fuel wastage.

15) Maintain receipts of fuel purchases and allocate your funds accordingly.

These methods are guaranteed to enhance the performance of your car and amazing savings on fuel economy. Following them regularly ensures a long-running car with fewer hassles.

Remember, any fuel derived from crude oil is a depleting resource on this planet and it is your responsibility to ensure that you do not waste it. Keeping a check on mileage will help you to keep a tab on your personal carbon footprint and will help save the planet a little bit from ozone depletion plus you get to save hard-earned money!

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