How to Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Everyone buys a car with a lot of passion and love. They care for their cars immensely at an early stage, but with time this care start to fade away. Maintaining your car requires regular care and attention whether it’s your next scheduled service or any wear and tear of car parts. Keeping a check on the necessary requirements for your car can help you keep it glowing and running for years without any hassle. Following are some maintenance tips and advice to keep your car running the way it was on the first day of purchase.

Oil Change

Check out the user manual for the recommended time for an oil change by the company. Don’t exceed the given time or skip a service if you wish to have a smooth drive throughout the car’s life span.

Air filters

Dirt and dust aren’t good for your car’s engine so it is advisable to clean the air filters on a regular basis. It’s quite easy to check for the clean air filter, hold it up against the sunlight and if you cannot see through then probably it’s time for some cleaning or if the amount of dirt deposited is high then you might need to replace it with a new one.

Battery Servicing

Get your car’s battery serviced once a year to make sure the terminals are clean. Generally acidic residues are formed on the terminals which require a regular attention and care.

Parts replacement

Don’t buy spare parts from local or unauthorized vendor at cheap price. Always purchase the parts from a company workshop or an authorized dealer. Cheap and low quality parts can harm the engine, resulting in low performance of the vehicle.

Take care of the Wheels

Get the wheels aligned and balanced on a regular basis, generally around every 10k Kms. The maximum life of wheels is 5-6 years or 50,000 to 60,000 Kilometers. Tyres may wear out earlier than this depending on the quality, driving, temperature, areas and roads you are driving on and more. Get them replaced as soon as the condition looks bad. Wheels are one of the important parts as they account for safety, mileage and smooth drive.

Windshield Wipers

They are generally ignored by the owner, but they get harder with time due to direct exposure to sun and need to replace. The maximum time to get a new pair of wipers for your car is two years. The need for a new pair might arise early.

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