How to Look After Your Car Without Doing Much of the Uphill Struggle

Bought a new car of late? Looking forward to maintain it? Need some tips? Why not start with the most important part of your vehicle, i.e. the battery, and instantly get more control over your vehicle!

A car battery plays an indispensable part when it comes to igniting your vehicle’s engine & running it, powering the lights & other accessories which include air conditioning system, music system, car horn, and more. Having a lifespan of around 4-5 years, batteries are considered the heart of your vehicle, so it is important that you check them regularly and charge them whenever required. Looking after your car on a regular basis can save you a lot of money as it takes a lot to repair your vehicle. Furthermore, from the last few years, auto repairing has seen a new phase both in terms of money and popularity, because of which it has become a matter of concern for those who cannot afford to spend this much amount of money on their vehicle.

Written below are some tips that can help you maintain your car battery in a better way in order to avoid any unnecessary problems in the future.

Tip #1: Open the bonnet and locate it

The first step is to look for a huge lead box containing one or more electrochemical cells covered with various metals. You can find it placed next to your engine once you open your car bonnet.

Tip #2: Check its water level every 3-4 months

It’s important that you check its water level regularly. If the fluid level is low, you must refill it with distilled water with the help of a funnel.

Tip #3: You must know how old your car battery is

If you know how old your battery is, you can easily determine its lifespan. If in case you don’t know it, you can check the 4-5 digit date code written on the cover of your battery container.

Tip #4: Avoid smoking when you’re working on your car

Batteries usually are filled with sulphuric acid, which produces a harmful chemical, i.e. Hydrogen gas. If anyhow the acid components get deposited on your clothes or skin directly, it’s better to rinse them off straight away.

Tip #5: Clean the battery terminals every 6-7 months

It is recommended to clean the terminals with a wire brush by rubbing it with a paste of distilled water and baking soda. But before starting up with this task, it’s better to remove the connectors from the terminal.

Tip #6: Prevent it from corrosion

It is important that you keep an eye on your battery and check whether the terminals or clamps are corroded or not. If they are corroded, you must remove the connectors from the terminal, clean them, and coat them with grease or fuel. This will prevent further corrosion.

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