How to Manage Long Road Trips With Children

There are many different ways to manage long road trips with children, and they all need to be considered in some respect, as each child is different and will respond to different things. The first point to note is that children will get bored at some point on a long road trip, and they need to be entertained or they’ll end up driving parents crazy with their complaints about the journey and how they don’t want it to go on any longer.

Planning the journey first can help, as you can work out how long it is between each service station, and plan out toilet breaks for the entire family. These can be combined with lunch and drink breaks to make sure no one needs to eat a meal or drink something potentially messy while in the car, and the driver gets a rest.

Children can decide they’re hungry at the most inopportune times, so having some healthy snacks will always be useful for keeping children quiet, particularly if it’s nearly time to stop. If children are going to get bored quickly then setting up something for them to watch or do is a great idea. A travel board game will keep children occupied for at least an hour, but an IPad or laptop with a film or television show on will keep them busy for even longer.

If it isn’t possible to have anything on to watch, then putting on an audio book through some headphones will keep a child occupied as they listen to the story being told. This is a great plan for anyone going on a car journey of around five hours, as most audio books take up to that time to finish, and will keep a child busy all the way.

Slightly older children might want to do more than play a board game or watch or listen to something, and in cases like these it’s handy to have a portable games console. These can be purchased for quite a low cost from any online retailer, and having a few games ready for them to play should keep them busy all the way to the destination.

With each of these there’s a chance a child could become carsick. There are a few different remedies to this such as a bag of sweets for them to suck on, fizzy water to drink, and even wristbands which apply pressure in a certain way that stops carsickness completely.

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