How to Pick the Best Synthetic Motor Oil?

Oil is to the engine of a motorcycle what blood is to the heart of a human. Synthetic oil lubricates the engine of your motorcycle so it runs without damage. Choosing the best synthetic oils for your vehicle is not an easy task with all the oil companies claiming their product to be the best of all. How do you decide which oil company is the most suitable of all the options available?

Consumers face a lot of factors to make this decision. A few of them include checking the viscosity index, fluidity of the oil, volatility rate, oxidative stability, and thermal stability, among other things.

A high viscosity index means that the oil does not require additives to break down your engine, which in turn changes your new oil as soon as you start your vehicle. This means the oil that contains a high viscosity index must be chosen to improve the performance of your vehicle. If your oil does not have a high viscosity index, then you may be required to use additives to your motorcycle in another way.

Good synthetic oil must possess low temperature fluidity, which means that the oil should be able to provide the needed heat to the engine if the temperature is cold outside. You should ensure that your engine can be revived up even after your vehicle has been ideal for a long time.

Synthetic oil that has a low volatile rate should be preferred. Low volatile rate means the oil can work smoothly even under extreme pressure condition. Even if you exert a lot of pressure on your bike, your oil should provide the needed protection to the engine so that its performance does not go down. If your oil has a high volatility rate, then your engine has more changes of breaking down under high pressure.

You should choose the one which does not contain impurities like hydrocarbons because such impurities affect the performance of your engine. Good synthetic oil needs to have good oxidation stability which means it should not leave deposits on the engine. These deposits are basically the particles of the oil that are not able to break down and are stuck on the engine. Such deposits can lead to the breakdown of vehicle’s engine.

Another thing to look for is a good thermal stability which means that even if your engine starts heating up, your oil is not affected by it and continues to perform in the same way.

Make sure to look at these factors before deciding for the best synthetic oil for your vehicle.

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