How To Prevent The 5 Most Expensive Car Part Repairs

The sinking feeling one gets when the mechanic gives you the service description with estimates well into thousands is incomparable. You immediately zone out when he or she starts giving the explanation as your eyes cannot get off the bill. The bad news is you will have to pay that bill that sets you a few steps back but the good news is you can easily avoid these repairs, next time. Some of the most expensive car repairs require very little but constant maintenance to avoid. Read on the five car repairs that can sink your pocket and how a car-servicing schedule gets rid of the expense.

1. Replacement of spark plugs and cylinder heads

Overheating of the engine is the malady causing this replacement and its causes are a coolant problem or a malfunctioning thermostat. When your engine is overheated, the cylinder heads burn or crack, causing coolant leakage and loss of engine power. The repair involves replacing the engine top and the spark plugs.

To avoid this expense, change your engine oil regularly preferably after 5000 miles, check the coolant liquid often and immediately replace the thermostat once you detect any problem.

2. Replacement of camshafts

Vehicles today are manufactured to cover higher mileage than they used to. An average car used to last up to 6 or 7 years and now they can last 12 years. This however means some parts will require replacement regularly to keep optimal performance. Camshafts and lifters wear out under high mileage and require refurbishment.

Despite the necessity of this, you can reduce the frequency of replacement by using high quality engine oil. Good quality synthetic oil will ensure your camshafts last for longer mileage

3. Replacement of the transmission assembly

When performing the routine checkup most people check on the engine and forget the transmission assembly. Transmission fluids keep the wheels going and needs regular flushing and cleaning, approximately after every 35,000 miles.

4. Replacement of the hybrid Inverter/ voltage converter

A voltage inverter or converter steps up or steps down voltage to suit the power source and the load application. In your car, this nifty component converts voltage from the battery suitable for use in the electric motors. This conversion produces a lot of heat, resulting from the electrical resistance in the process. Proper functioning therefore dictates proper cooling and maintenance to remove any debris.

To avoid encountering these repairs ensure a check on the cooling system and maintenance according to schedule.

5. Replacement of faulty components

In simple terms, engine damage that requires a complete overhaul of the necessary parts. This the most expensive repair one’s car can undergo. It not only takes a lot of time but money also. The major cause of engine failure is lack of oil replacements and cooling system flushes. When the intervals of oil changes and cooling system checkups are too long in between many components in the engine fail to function or wear out due to overheating and friction.  To avoid the thousands in an engine overhaul, get a strict and severe car-servicing schedule at a car auto shop you trust or a personal mechanic.

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