How to Properly Maintain Your Bike

The key to making sure your motorcycle is in it for the long run is to keep it maintained. This means you not only have to replace and adjust certain parts after so many miles, but you also have to consistently check these things. In order to own a bike, you don’t have to be a mechanic but you should have some semblance of basic maintenance. Knowing when to change your motorcycle brake and how often you should change your tires is all an important aspect of owning a bike.

Things you need to check on your motorcycle on a regular basis:

Tires: Always keep a pencil-type gauge to check your tire pressure. If you are a new rider, you should check the pressure every time until you develop a sense for when your tires are off—eventually just sitting on the bike will be enough to alert you. This is so important because if the tire does not have enough air and you go riding, more heat will be generated by the tire itself and this could lead to a blowout. Also don’t try and stretch the tires beyond their lifetime, if the tread is 2mm or less, replace the tires.

Fuel: If your bike has a fuel filter, you need to make sure that it is clear of any clogging material and replace the filter every 2 years. Also, check your fuel line for any cracks or damage and if found you need to replace the line immediately. The type of gas you use is your choice but know that untreated gas has a life of about 6 months before it needs to be disposed of while treated gas can last up to 2 years.

Brakes: Motorcycle brake maintenance is not as tricky as some think. Of course you should always check both your front and back brake fluid reservoirs. When topping off the fluids remember that spilling brake fluid on your bike will eat away at your paint. Also, do not let your brake pads run down to nothing because you could create other, more serious problems. Better to be safe than sorry and replace your brakes and pads early.

You should also regularly check on your battery, oil, and chain and sprockets. Keeping your bike in top-notch shape will not only keep it running great but these checks could save your life and prevent accident. Do not skimp when it comes to your safety, regularly maintain your bike.

Dean Saliba

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