How To Protect Your Car’s Paint Finish

You car’s paint finish is what will keep it looking like new, no matter what it looks like on the inside or even how well it runs. An old vehicle with great exterior paint can still look like it just came off of the car dealership’s lot. On the other hand, a newer vehicle with a poorly maintained paint finish that is rusting, fading, scratched, or dented will look a lot older than it is, and a lot less attractive than other vehicles on the road, even if those other vehicles are older.

Protecting your car’s paint is probably a lot easier than you think. Continue reading for some tips that will help you get started.

Wash Your Car Often


Washing your car on a regular basis is the absolute best way to maintain a great exterior appearance. By removing dirt and debris, including bird droppings and salt, you can ensure that these materials will not have the chance to eat away at the paint and cause horrible stains, fades, and rust spots. Take your vehicle to a car wash, where they can properly dispose of the soapy water that would otherwise cause environmental harm. Or wash your car at home using only a biodegradable Earth-friendly and wildlife-friendly soap. And, after washing your vehicle completely, do not forget to thoroughly dry it off to prevent water stains.

Wax Your Car After Each Wash


Every time you wash your car, you should follow it up with a good waxing. A wax coating specially designed for vehicles is the next best way to keep the paint finish looking glossy and new. The wax will also protect your car’s finish from dirt, rocks, and debris so that it can look newer longer. Just make sure that you purchase the right wax, especially if you keep your car outside all the time.

When wax is not enough for you to feel confident that your car’s exterior is protected, purchase a sealant or protection film that can be applied easily.

Keep Your Car from the Elements


Cover your vehicle to protect it from the elements whenever it is not in use. This can mean using a standard car cover, an inflatable car cover, or even a carport or temporary garage. If you have a garage, bring your car inside. This will protect it from the harsh rays of the sun, as well as acid rain, snow, and ice. Putting your car into a sheltered space or in an inflatable car cover will also ensure that it will be safe in the event of harsh storms involving damaging hail, which can lead to scratches and dents in the paint that are very difficult to repair.

Protecting your car from the elements by covering it up is just one step to take to maintain your car’s exterior appearance. But you also have to do more, such as regularly wash and wax the car, in order to make sure that the paint finish will be properly sealed and protected for years to come.

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