How to Save on Car Insurance

Insurance is one of life’s mandatory expenses. You may think it’s impossible to avoid the bottom line, but think again. While you can’t side-step it entirely, there are plenty of ways to save. Read on to learn some proactive strategies.

  • Shop around. Your insurance company isn’t the only game in town. Shop around for competitor prices and ask your provider to match more favorable rates. Complacency can cost big in the long run—stay ahead of the curve.
  • Stay safe. Maintaining a clean driving record results in lower insurance rates. Keep yours beyond reproach by avoiding traffic violations, fender benders, and the occasional parking ticket. Road rage could cost more than your safety.
  • Increase your deductible. Sure, it hurts to pay more up-front, but increasing your deductible will provide immediate savings. True, increasing your responsibility for auto repairs and accidents may be expensive, but a higher deductible means lower monthly payments. Consider the odds of a monthly accident vs. spending less over time. Taking the risk and driving more carefully might be the better option.
  • Opt for the fully-loaded model. Speaking of careful driving, signing up for a safety package will do more than protect you during an accident. Insurers provide better rates for low-risk customers. Illustrate your desire to stay safe by including the following features in your car:
    • Automatic seatbelts
    • Anti-lock brakes
    • Airbags
    • A security system
  • Just say “no” to the sports car. Insurance premiums are assessed based on the age, make, and model of your car. Those driving new cars are often paying higher insurance to cover the risk of expensive repairs and theft. Keep your costs low by investing in a sensible, and perhaps pre-owned, model. Your pragmatism is likely to be rewarded.
  • Ask for a better rate. A clean driving record isn’t the only way to help yourself. Show your insurance provider what a model citizen you are by asking for discounts based on:
    • Your academic record
    • Your AARP or other group discount
    • Employer-sanctioned discounts
    • Your credit score
  • Work on credit repair. Improve your insurance rates and your life as a whole by working on improving your credit score. Lender, insurers, employers, etc. see a positive credit score as a sign of responsibility and forethought, two traits that are rewarded with open doors and lower interest rates. Why not stay ahead of the game? Organize your financial life and save money on the road.

Dean Saliba

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