How To Select Car Tires

Tire is one of the most essential parts of any vehicle. They not only bear the vehicle but also help in transporting passengers and goods from one place to another. Tires undergo wear and tear in due course of time. One must ensure that his or her car tires are not worn out. Worn out or wrong tire alignment can cause road accidents. There are different varieties of automobile tires available in the market. It is essential that the buyers are well educated about the process of selecting the apt tires for their cars. Here, are few tips that can help in selecting an apt car tire.

Speak to a local mechanic: It is essential that first time buyers seek advice from a trusted friend or a local mechanic about the best suited tire. Local mechanics will not only suggest the type but will also help in setting the wheel alignment correctly.

Get the basics right: One must understand that every automobile tire has an alpha numeric code that describes the utility, size and dimensions. Generally, the code starts with “p”. The first alphabet denotes the type of the tire, for e.g. “p” stands for passenger, whereas “LT” represents light truck. Number following the alphabet denotes the width. Second number stands for the aspect ratio of the sidewall in comparison to the width. Letter following the aspect ratio denotes the tire construction. Number following the construction represents the rim diameter in inches. Next number represents rating. Next letter represents the speed rating whereas; the last letter describes suitable driving conditions.

Tire and speed Rating: Always ensure that the replaced tires have the same rating as the previous ones. Replacing the tire with a lower rating will affect the performance of the vehicle. Speed rating indicates the tire capability of preventing heat build up. It is essential to buy a tire that has higher capability of dissipating heat.

Other thing to consider while replacing the tires is the load rating. Load rating represents load bearing capability of each tire. This should be higher or equal to the tire that is been replaced. One must ensure that he or she buys automobile tire and other spare parts from an authorized dealer only. Do not forget to check for traction on different surface areas. Better traction helps in preventing road mishaps. These basic tips can help one in selecting replacement tires with ease.

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