How You Can Customize the Acura Navigation System’s Loading Screen on Your GPS

If you own an Acura car or vehicle and have the optional factory-installed navigation system built-in to the dashboard then did you know that it was possible to customize the opening loading screen with your own graphics?  And you can do this all on your own PC at home at no cost – all you need is a small amount of technical knowledge and patience – follow these instructions and you can do this yourself, and set your navigation system apart from all the standard ones in other Acura cars.

Turn the Car On and Initiate the Acura Navigation System

The first steps you need to do is to make sure that the car ignition is on.  This should mean that the Acura Navigation System comes on automatically, and when you see the main start-up screen appear you will need to press and hold down these buttons all at the same time for about 5 seconds:

  • MENU

When you do that the Selected Diagnosis Items display will then pop up and then press the button labeled VERSION.  This will display a small line of code which reads “Loading File Name” and then a alphanumeric number next to it, which is typically formatted something like this: BNHN505A.BIN – make sure you make a note of this number as you will need it later.

Next steps are to eject the existing Acura Navigation DVD from the navigation system disc drive and take it to your PC – browse and open the disc up so you can explore the file names.  The important files for this exercise are the ones which have the .BIN and .BMP extensions – but you need to copy the entire disc contents onto a safe place on your computer – making your own local version.

Download the Free DumpNavi Software & Create Your Bitmap

In order to start editing the Acura Navigation System’s loading screen you will need to download free piece of software which is called DumpNavi  and can be found on Google.  Open the software and browse to where you saved the .BIN files – you will need to open the one up which has the same name as the code you copied down from the navigations system’s screen earlier.

Once the .BIN file is opened you can see in the first line of code that there is a Bitmap file referenced.  This is the image that gets loaded onto the navigation system’s screen when it first boots up.  You now know which .BMP is being loaded, so that means you can make a copy of it and using a Paint or PhotoShop application create your own new version – making sure to name it with the same file name that is referenced in the .BIN file.

You could use a photo of a loved one, or simply add your own text – it’s completely up to you, do whatever you like.  Once you have completed your new Bitmap you can burn the entire contents of your locally saved Acura Navigation System files onto a new DVD – which you will now use in your Acura car instead of the official one.  It really is that simple!

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